www.gandhifoundation.co.za – Pietermaritzburg Gandhi Foundation, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Opposite the old Colonial Building on Church Street in Pietermaritzburg stands the statue of Gandhi, whose notorious ejection from a train on 7th June 1893 at the Pietermaritzburg Railway Station, shaped his unique version of nonviolent resistance, known as ‘Satyagraha’ or truth force. The Gandhi Statue in Pietermaritzburg is a touching bronze sculpture, depicting Mahatma Gandhi in his prime – bare chested with a casual pair of wrap pants around him, and equally humble footwear. In his hand, he holds a simple walking stick, and his gaze is fixed determinedly ahead of him. The plaque on the side of the statue commemorates the centenary of an event that changed the mild mannered man into the well known, and often revered, peaceful protester. The statue was erected by the then Pietermaritzburg Gandhi Memorial Committee, now the Pietermaritzburg Gandhi Foundation, and was unveiled by Archbishop Desmond Tutu on 6 June 1983, to mark the centenary of the eviction incident.